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Homework answers / question archive / write an article on Feminism and the Subtext of Whiteness

write an article on Feminism and the Subtext of Whiteness


write an article on Feminism and the Subtext of Whiteness. It needs to be at least 1250 words. The research brings these thoughts current to today’s time. In conclusion, it gives the point that black women have learned to respect their bodies far more than what they use to and have come to appreciate what they have been attributed to within their feminine form.

Throughout history, there has been a unique idea into how women have felt about their personal identity especially that of their feminine body in comparison to that of other cultures, especially white women. What is well known in this period of time is how the color of a woman’s skin had a strong influence on where she would find herself in society. In the 19th century, women of color realized that their bodies and even their personal feelings towards their bodies placed them in a specific category. Unfortunately, the color had an adverse effect on the status and more often than not black women were criticized for their darker skin tone, larger derriere, and ample bosom which in some ways placed a complex onto black women (Cherniavsky 1995).

Furthermore, in this period of time, there was an idea known as, “republican womanhood” of which women of color were excluded from being categorized in due to the color of their skin and their different bodily traits as well. This can be seen even within the many women’s movements in the 1820s and ’30s and with white women’s move to try and abolish slavery against black women. Even though many white women made their voices heard it is assumed that their motives were not to bring equality to the skin colors or the body images because they still wanted to have the dominance of these facets over other ethnic backgrounds. What is shown to be profound is that the voices and images of white women were meant to end the idea of slavery period, not racial dividedness (Yancy 2000)? This created quite a bit of adversity onto women of color& they were trying to make their own place in their social world just as white women were attempting to do as well.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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