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Reply to Discussion (250-275 words) include scholarly sources


Reply to Discussion (250-275 words) include scholarly sources.

Whether the Public Health Laws Require a Reform

In-depth research indicates there is a need for further reforms of the laws mentioned above so that it will be possible to achieve even better results. For instance, there still exists a high uninsured population in the United States. The financial burden for healthcare expenditures is also huge in this country. The United States also records a substantial prevalence of unhealthy behaviors, including alcoholism, smoking, drug abuse, harmful diet intake, and an inactive lifestyle (NRC & Committee on Population, 2013). All these factors impact a huge budgetary expenditure in the healthcare system, yet, the majority of them are preventable supposing all the healthcare stakeholders, including the public, decides to play the correct role in healthcare promotion. The good thing is that the discussed laws, the ACA, and the monetary policy of taxation, incentives, and spending have the potential to address all these challenges. Therefore, reforms in these laws are welcome to ensure that they become stricter in implementation so that the healthcare system multiplies the current benefits it realizes from these policies.


National Research Council (NRC) & Committee on Population. (2013).U.S health in international perspective: Shorter lives, poorer health. National Academies Press.

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