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Homework answers / question archive / Write a 3 pages paper on applying to grand canyon university

Write a 3 pages paper on applying to grand canyon university


Write a 3 pages paper on applying to grand canyon university. I don’t want other to suffer like I suffered. Therefore, I dedicated all my life to save them from any dermatological diseases. I’m so dedicated to that, due to my religious belief. I know that through medicine I can serve our God. And studying in Grand Canyon University will help me to help other people. It will help me to get enough knowledge to be good specialist, so I will be armed not only with my wish, but also with good experience and knowledge. Considering my learning abilities, I am school oriented student and I can’t imagine my life without self-development. I will never forgive myself any fault, If they would appear I would definitely solve them. I would ask for advice or clarification of my mistakes. I can’t go further if I don’t understand something. Because without even one missing detail, process of studying becomes ineffective and misunderstanding will grow like a snowball. I don’t want to just graduate from institution, I want to take enough knowledge and experience to help people, because it ignites my soul with passion. Because, I believe that helping other will please our God. To be ab le to help people I should study how to do that. When I will acquire enough knowledge I can lead other people to the ultimate aim. I can help them to make studying process easier or just discuss some complicated issues. In good topic-oriented discussion all misunderstandings vanish. Also, with my way of thinking out of the box, I can have perfect results and my team can get more results than during the solo working. Along with my way of thinking and passion to work in medicine I have got the opportunity to study considerable number of different subjects in medicine and dermatology. It is enlightening and enjoyable for me, I think. it also provides new perspectives on curing diseases connected with skin.

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