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Homework answers / question archive /   Informative Speech Assignment LO3: Apply the principles of communication to interpersonal and group situations

  Informative Speech Assignment LO3: Apply the principles of communication to interpersonal and group situations



Informative Speech Assignment

LO3: Apply the principles of communication to interpersonal and group situations.

LO5: Adapt communication to differences in communication styles.

LO7: Demonstrate effective speech planning, delivery, and evaluation skills.

For this assignment, you will plan and deliver an informative speech. These are the requirements for the assignment:

  • A topic that fits into one of the three categories for informative speaking (discussed below).
  • Length: 4-7 minutes
  • At least two documented sources.


Before you begin planning your speech, you should select a general topic. According to your text, there are three main categories for informative speaking: speech of description, speech of definition and speech of demonstration. Please select a topic in one of these three categories.

  1. Speech of description: explains an object, person, event or process.
  2. Speech of definition: defines a system or theory, or describes the similarities and/or differences among terms or systems.
  3. Speech of demonstration: shows the audience how to do something or how something operates. (Please note that this topic choice usually requires you to do a physical demonstration with props during the speech presentation or recording.)

Things to consider when selecting a topic:

  1. Select a topic that interests you. You are encouraged to choose something related to your degree program.
  2. Select a topic that would interest your audience.
  3. Select a topic that you know something about. (Do not select a topic you lack information on and attempt to research it just for this speech). You should have a general understanding of the topic and conduct research for further understanding and specifics.
  4. Select a topic you can cover in 4-7 minutes. For example, you would not be able to explain how to knit or repair an engine in 4-7 minutes. You may be able to discuss one specific aspect of these topics, such as how to cast on stitches or measure a spark plug gap, but you would not be able to explain either of these activities as a whole.


Once you’ve selected the topic, you can then start the development of the outline.  It’s a good idea to identify the key ideas (between 2 and 5 key ideas) before starting on the introduction and conclusion. Fewer than two key ideas would not be enough information and more than five key ideas would be too much for a presentation of this length.

Refer to the course resources on outlines for more information on how to set up a formal outline. 

Incorporating Sources:

This assignment requires at least two recent and credible sources. Sources should be provided in APA format and submitted with your outline. For more information on formatting sources and avoiding plagiarism, refer to the resources in your course shell.

Delivering Your Speech:

Throughout the course, you will be provided with tips and methods for delivering strong speeches. Most obviously, it’s important that you rehearse before delivering a speech, even if you are instructed by your faculty member to submit a recorded speech. No matter how strong your outline and content, if you are unable to engage your audience’s attention and deliver that content clearly, you will not be heard or understood. If your speech is to be recorded, keep in mind that any objects or visuals should be large enough to be seen on camera/video.

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