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Homework answers / question archive / Write a 40 pages paper on stress management and its effect on efficient work performance

Write a 40 pages paper on stress management and its effect on efficient work performance


Write a 40 pages paper on stress management and its effect on efficient work performance. One of these is the distractions they get away from their work due to stress. In a recent study, Michelson (2004) noted that the commonest cases and instances of stress arise when the roles of employees demand that they have a lot of interaction with people as a means of serving the interest of these people. Employees whose work also put a lot of mental strain on them, as well as those who are engaged in the use of heavy and multiplex machinery have also been identified to be victims of some of the worse cases of stress (McIntosh, 2011). Sadly, even though it is generally appreciated that stress is a major hindrance to successful organisational running, not much has been done by way of managing stress among workers. Coldwater, Mohl, Denny and Mote (2012) blame this situation on the wrong identification and classification of the nature of stressors that employees are commonly faced with. In another instance, Michelson (2004) pointed to the fact that the best form of stress management can only come when there is the right identification of stress that employees are faced with. Purpose of the Study It will be noted that the Administrative Stress Index ASI ascribes five major areas of stressors namely administrative constraints, administrative responsibilities, interpersonal relations, intrapersonal conflicts, and role expectations. As part of the problem of wrong identification and management of stressors faced by employees within the labour force, this research is being conducted with the purpose of using the Administrative Stress Index (ASI) to identify the commonest forms of stressors that employees within three major labour forces namely the education, health and security sectors face in the delivery of their duties. Having used the ASI to identify the types of stress, a questionnaire that seeks to classify the stress management mechanisms used by workers will then be used. This purpose of the study can be noticed to be multi-variant in the sense that it will make it possible to collect sufficient data on all possible stressors that come with the delivery of administrative roles within the education, health and security sectors. The purpose of the study also encompasses stress management of specific stressor. This study is therefore being conducted as an opener to the issue of corporate management of stress by first focusing on the identification of stressors. Aim and Objectives The purpose of the study will be achieved with the aim of identifying different forms of stressors and how they are managed within the educational, health and security sectors. This can however be seen as a very broad and generalised goal, that cannot be achieved by performing only a single task or duty. The aim of the study has therefore been broken down into specific objectives, which signify the very specific tasks that will be undertaken to bring about the achievement of the research aim. The specific objectives of the study are thus given below. To achieve the research aim therefore, the researcher has a responsibility of achieving all the specific objectives. 1. To identify various forms of stressors with different categories of jobs in the educational, health and security sectors. 2. To ascertain the different forms of stress management mechanisms that work best with each category of stressors identified. 3.

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