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Homework answers / question archive / Complete 9 pages APA formatted article: Analysis of The Ali G Show

Complete 9 pages APA formatted article: Analysis of The Ali G Show


Complete 9 pages APA formatted article: Analysis of The Ali G Show. Channel 4 is a publicly owned entity owned and operated by Channel Four Television Corporation. Channel 4 transmits some of the most promising TV programmes like Desperate Housewives, How I Met Your Mom and more controversial programmes like Ali G and Brass Eye, which has been condemned by the general population, religious organizations and politicians as well. Channel 4’s tag line is ‘demonstrating innovation and experiment’ (Channel 4 2011). The Ali G show is one of the controversial programmes aired by Channel 4 (Kelso 2002). The Ali G show is a satirical programme starring Ali G, a character played by British actor Sacha Baron Cohen. The series has been aired twice. the original in the UK in 2000 and its follow up was aired between 2003 and 2004 in the US channel HBO and was called Ali G in the USA. Ali G plays a host in an interview show where he interviews celebrities, high-ranking officials in different capacities and politicians, but in a comical way. One of the reasons it is comical is that the interviewees usually think it is a serious talk show until later on during the interviews. Ali G’s full-screen name is Alistair Leslie Graham, but he shortens it to what he believes is a more interesting name that can better be identified with a more youthful, hip hop and Caribbean oriented crowd, Ali G. his accent is also exaggerated a lot with the Afro-Caribbean accent. His clothing, character and the way he carries himself around are also influenced largely by hip-hop. Ali G is always in brightly colored tracksuits, sports sneakers, a tight headgear called a du-rag and matching sunglasses that give him his unique look. Furthermore, he imitates African-Americans a lot, even though he is from the UK. His interviewing skills are also anything but comical. In the USA for instance, he tells his interviewees, usually celebrities, that he is a British media personality that wants to interview them about the media and politics. And just like in normal interviews, the collected and well-groomed celebrities start to answer his questions the way they are used to in other conventional interviews they attend. The issue is, they are not aware that Ali G is probably pulling their legs and that his interviews are neither normal nor conventional. As soon as the celebrities answer the questions, Ali G picks up a word they have said and twists and turns it and the rest of the interview leaves the formerly collected celebrity lost for words, before finally realizing that Ali G is not really serious. He calls on his ‘hommies’ to give opinions and ask other silly questions that leave interviewees agape and very uncomfortable. His ‘hommies’ or friends, including his girlfriend, are just as comical and unconventional as Ali G himself.&nbsp.

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