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Homework answers / question archive / Write 5 pages with APA style on Criminal Development

Write 5 pages with APA style on Criminal Development


Write 5 pages with APA style on Criminal Development. Edwin Sutherland developed differential association theory and social transmission theory. A social class is the core factor of criminal behavior. Differential association theory states that criminal behavior is learned by individuals. In poor neighborhoods, people learn that theft and crime are the only possible ways to "earn" money (Huff 2000). The stresses of a disorganized community weaken the inhibitions that might keep many from delinquency. Movies, radio, the theater, and newspapers are indirect reflections of real life (Wilson 1987). However, when an unstable character looks around and finds fixing, corruption, and graft, his ideas and attitudes must be affected. The case of John Gotti shows that neighborhood was the main cause of criminal behavior. He was born in Italian-American family and two of his brothers were members of street gangs (Capeci and Mustain 1996). The life of Gotti shows that there is a close link between poverty and delinquency. Extremely rich people are not so numerous that they can be objects of mass observations. But it is possible for us to consider all those relative "millionaires" who cannot easily withstand the insidious attack of sudden success. The social transmission theory states that criminal behavior can be transmitted from generation to generation and children are apt to follow their elder relatives to prove their significance and importance. John Gotti follows example of his brothers and further joined the Gambino family (Capeci and Mustain 1996). "Between 1957 and 1961, Gotti pursued a life of crime on a full-time basis and was arrested five times. In March 1962, he married Victoria DiGiorgio" (John Gotti Profile 2009).

Merton developed a so-called strain theory. According to this theory, an individual is limited by social structure and social position. Acts of deviance can lead to criminal behavior and social disobedience. The life of John Gotti was marked by poverty and disillusions. When he tried to steal a cement mixer, he injured his foot and limped all the life (Hagedorn 1998). Following Murdock's theory, this same closeness evokes emotional needs and satisfactions, compassion, responsiveness, recognition. "In 1973 John Gotti was given his first murder contract. The victim was James McBratney, a man accused of murdering a nephew of boss Carlo Gambino. Gotti botched the job with two witnesses, but his lawyer Roy Cohn managed to work out a deal whereby Gotti served only two years for the killing" (John Gotti Profile 2009). In contrast to this theory, Gotti's parents were not involved in criminal activity (Huff 2000).

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