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Write a 600+ words paper


Write a 600+ words paper. Make sure you cite the 3 resources provided in the instruction. You can use outside resources but the three in instruction must be used. Please check the attachment for instruction.

Instruction: Read: Watch: NBC Now report on CDA 230: (Links to an external site.) At the center of this week's assignments is CDA 230 (Links to an external site.), a federal law passed in 1996 which protects interactive computer service providers (such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.) from legal responsibility for publishing user content that might be libelous, seditious, or otherwise harmful. On the one hand, this law has fostered the Internet in the United States as a place for unfettered free speech and creativity; on the other hand, it allows toxic speech to multiply, and gives the organizations who are best situated to monitor user content no incentive to do so. The law protects some of the most valuable companies in the world. Individuals (often political conservatives) are concerned that when these companies do restrict speech on their platforms, they are not accountable to the public and worry their decisions tend to penalize conservative, more than liberal, viewpoints. You have been invited to speak as an expert on media history to a Congressional committee that is considering revising the law. Using specific historical examples, explain the history and impact of government regulation on new forms of media as they emerged. What lessons does history provide for policymakers today?

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