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Answer the following question


Answer the following question. Your paper will be approximately 1250 - 1500 words, double-spaced, with standard font and margins. 

Remember to answer the question being asked, and in doing so, to demonstrate your understanding of the material covered in the readings and in class- what are the core and important concepts and ideas. Make sure you cite all work that is not yours (including any quotes). You can use other source material for your paper besides the textbook, but it should be a credible source and you need to cite it in the paper. You can use MLA, APA, or Chicago style citations, but be consistent throughout.

1. What is judicial review, and how has that reshaped the roll of the federal courts which has allowed the Court to reinterpret the Constitution? How has judicial review given the Supreme Court (and the federal appellate courts) the ability to check other branches of government, including the states? Use examples of landmark rulings from the Supreme Court to demonstrate the impacts that judicial review has had on the political and social aspects of American life. The Supreme Court is often called the non-political branch of government, do you think that is the case or is the court just as political as the other branches and why (or why not)?

BONUS POINTS: Earn up to 5 bonus points (for a total of 105 possible points) by including why state governments pass laws knowing they will face lawsuits in order to get the cases before the federal courts. This is a political strategy state governments employ in order to use judicial review to their advantage. You can use historic or contemporary examples to support your argument.

We use the book American Government Political Development and Institutional Change by Cal Jillson, please make this at least one of your sources.

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