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Casinos are big business


Casinos are big business. If you don't think so, research the top ten casinos in the world and check out their buildings. They are huge. Some people all over the world like to gamble. They like the anticipation of winning, not to mention the financial benefit when they do. The question is, if casinos "give away" so much prize money, how can they stay in business? How can they afford to build and maintain those extravagant entertainment complexes? Does it come down to randomness and probability?

So now is your chance! Think about a casino game and look beyond the glimmer of the lights and free drinks! What is behind the gambling? Is it really a "numbers game?

Conduct some research on a casino game or other game of chance. If you aren't into that sort of thing, research a state or country lottery or games where you can't control the results.

Summarize the articles that you read and then answer the following questions:

  • Do you think the organization makes a profit even if there is a "payoff" to some lucky customer?
  • Do you believe the game is a worthwhile investment?
  • Would you "put money down" if given a chance?

Your initial post should be three to four paragraphs in length. Use current APA formatting to cite your sources.

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