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Homework answers / question archive / New Perspectives Excel 2016 Module 4: Textbook Project Patricia Sanders 1

New Perspectives Excel 2016 Module 4: Textbook Project Patricia Sanders 1

MS Excel

New Perspectives Excel 2016 Module 4: Textbook Project

Patricia Sanders

1. Introduction to Financial Functions

To enter the terms of the loan.

To calculate the monthly payment.

To enter the loan repayment amount in the cash flow projection.

2. Getting Started with Excel Charts

To create a pie chart with the Quick Analysis tool.

To move and resize the survey results pie chart.

3.  Working with Chart Elements

To remove the chart title and add data labels.

To choose a different chart style for the backpack production pie chart.

To format the pie chart legend.

To use the Format pane to format the chart legend.

To display percentage labels in the pie chart.

To change the chart area color.

4. Performing What-If Analyses with Charts

To apply a what-if analysis to the pie chart.

5. Creating a Column Chart

To move the clustered column chart to the Financial Summary worksheet.

To change the title of the column chart.

To create a stacked column chart.

To edit the stacked column chart.

6. Creating a Line Chart

To create a line chart showing the projected cash flow.

7. Working with Axes and Gridlines

To change the scale of the vertical axis.

To add vertical gridlines to a chart.

8. Formatting Data Markers

To display and format the line chart data markers.

To add a data label to the line chart.

9. Formatting the Plot Area

To change the fill colors of the chart and plot areas.

To format the other charts.

10. Creating a Combination chart

To move and format the combination chart.

To add titles to the primary and secondary axes.

To modify the secondary axis scale.

11. Editing a Chart Data Source

To create the line chart.

To edit the chart's data source.

12. Exploring Other Chart Types

To create a histogram of income distribution.

To modify the bins used in the histogram.

To create a Pareto chart showing buying factors.

13. Creating Sparklines

To create column sparklines that show projected production.

To set the scale of the column sparklines.

14. Creating Data Bars

To add data bars to the worksheet.

To modify the data bar rule.

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