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Homework answers / question archive / Question 1)Psychology is ___

Question 1)Psychology is ___


Question 1)Psychology is ___.















Question 2

Empirical evidence is information that psychologists gather by ___.


Question 3

Psychology's history as a science began_________.


Question 4

Psychologists who study human thinking and information processing abilities are referred to as _________.


Question 5

In life-span developmental theories, adolescents struggle with conflicts involving


Question 6

The stage during which sensory input and motor responses become coordinated is labeled as Piaget's _____ stage of cognitive development.


Question 7

The bulk of people's dreams occurs during _________.


Question 8

Freud's psychodynamic theory of dreaming emphasizes________.


Question 9

The process by which experience or practice results in a relatively permanent change in behavior is known as ___.


Question 10

Operant conditioning operates on the principle that behaviors occur more often when they are ___.


Question 11

The correct order for the three stages of memory is ___.


Question 12

When looking at human motives, the following theorist developed a hierarchy of five needs that range from basic physiological needs to growth or meta-needs:


Question 13

The typical behaviors consistent with being male or female in a given culture are referred to as ______.


Question 14

In Freud's view of the structure of personality, the mental structure that acts as one's conscience and judges thoughts and actions is known as the ______.


Question 15

The field of psychology that uses behavioral principles to promote health and prevent illness is referred to as_______. 


Question 16

The scientific study of mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders is known as _________.


Question 17

In the United States and Canada, psychological problems are classified by using the________.


Question 18

The scientific study of how individuals behave, think, and feel in social situations is known as _______.


Question 19

A harmful attitude based on inaccurate generalizations about a group of people is known as _________.


Question 20

Oversimplified images of the traits of individuals who belong to a particular social group are ______.



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