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Basic Classroom Equipment Every School Should Have In 2023
  • Jul 2021
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Basic Classroom Equipment Every School Should Have In 2023

1st July 2021

Teachers have a responsibility to mold and educate young minds. They do this by creating excellent lessons, sharing honest stories, and helping pupils develop their own minds. School curriculums are forever changing, while teaching methods develop.

One thing, though, remains the same. Schools are still bricks and mortar establishments with classes full of groups of pupils learning together. It’s essential to have a great classroom, fully stocked with all the essential equipment, to make education run smoothly. Whether you’re a new teacher or an experienced educator, you’ll find a list below of all the classroom essentials every school should have in 2021. Whether you’re teaching the youngest minds or some teenage kids, all of these items are essential and relevant to you.

A Great Classroom Helps Great Education

As mentioned, a great classroom environment helps create better educational standards. It’s simple really; when you have everything you need and your environment is nice, you feel better and work harder. The same applies to pupils. Too often, the classroom environment is an afterthought, with more emphasis put on curriculum and class content. 


Studies show, however, that an improvement in classroom equipment, design, and feel can rapidly increase students’ abilities and results. As a teacher, you want every part of the kids’ schooling to be positive, right the way down to their comfort. So, making sure your classroom has all the following items at the very least should be a top priority. It will help your pupils’ learn better and help you teach classes far easier. 

Comfortable Seating

One of the most often forgotten aspects of a pupils’ experience in school is their comfort. In fact, classroom furniture should be one of the first things considered when setting up a school. Again, think of yourself. If you’re sitting down to mark papers or plan a lesson, you probably do it in a comfortable office chair. Why? Because comfort helps you work better. 


In the past, school chairs were deliberately made hard and somewhat uncomfortable, as it was thought that comfortable chairs would encourage laziness or tiredness. You don’t need to provide sofa beds for your pupils! But, a comfortable chair makes a huge difference and steers away from any unnecessary distractions. Having a sore bum or back will not help your pupils concentrate. Make sure the chairs offer proper spinal support and allow pupils to have their feet flat on the floor.

Proper Desks

Alongside comfortable seating, you need to ensure the kids’ desks are sorted too. Once again, improper height can create problems. The last thing you want is a child having to lean right over to write or reach too high to read. This, again, will not help with concentration. It will do the opposite as the child focuses half of their energy on simply trying to reach their materials. 


Desks can help with storage, too. Desks with flip-top lids or drawers underneath can help keep each pupil’s area neat and tidy.

Good Storage Solutions

Speaking of storage, it’s far more important than you might think. Clutter and mess are annoying distractions. If your classroom looks messy, it won’t help kids focus or concentrate very well. All of this equipment needs storing somewhere, so look for smart storage solutions to sort out any mess in your classroom. 


For example, if you have a huge amount of supplies for chemistry such as Bunsen burners, raw materials, or other chemicals, you want to make sure they are stored both neatly and safely. Specifically designed chemical cabinets can help here, with slots designed especially for what schools need. Plus, you can lock everything away safely, away from curious minds or fingers!

A Good Display

It’s often the case that classroom desks are arranged in rows, facing towards the teacher. This is fine, but it does put all of the focus at one end of the room. What if one of the pupils at the back is struggling to see what you are presenting? This problem can be fixed by making sure you have an adequately sized display screen or whiteboard at the front of the class. It needs to be big enough for everyone to be able to see it, while also allowing plenty of room for different kinds of teaching.

Stationery and Creative Supplies

Whether you use a whiteboard, TV, smart screen, or projector to educate your class, there’s still a need for stationery. Children in school still spend most of their time using their hands, whether by writing or drawing, building things, or testing things. This means you need a large, well-stocked selection of stationery. You’ll need some colored card, scissors, lined and plain paper, pens, glue, art supplies, staplers, elastic bands, tack, and more! Make sure you constantly refresh your supplies so no student ever goes without.

Visual Aids

Your walls should be decorated with visual aids to assist with your pupils’ education. Consider what the main focus of this room is. If it’s for music class, for example, put some information about scales, instrument types, or famous musicians on the walls. If you’re running a science class, put a periodic table and some experimentation methods on the walls. You get the picture! Whatever you are teaching, your kids can learn more by having it constantly surrounding them, as the information is absorbed by viewing it over and over again.

Technology Equipment

If your school has the budget, technology can greatly improve lessons. Some schools are opting for laptops or tablets for everyone in the class. However, not all schools can afford this. Technology is important in education, though, as it’s so intertwined with our everyday lives as adults. Whatever you can get your hands on can help, even if it’s just a smart projector or some shared laptops. 


These essentials will help make your classroom more productive than it has ever been. They will also improve the overall educational quality for your pupils, whilst also making your job far easier. Make sure your classroom is fully stocked with all of the above and you’ll soon see changes occurring.



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