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Project Management

1. Software project decision • You need to determine an interest rate to use—select an interest rate and explain why you think this number should be. Use it in your calculations in item 1.2. • Given the information below on options 1 and 2, carry out three forms of analysis: breakeven, ROI, and NPV. • Make a recommendation on which way to proceed, based on the TCO for each option. Option 1: Purchase the FunSoft package: Cost $200,000 for software and $85,000 for hardware in year one; with $50,000 to customize it and a $40,000 annual licensing fee for the life of the con- tract. There will be an annual saving of $61,000 due to the layoff of a Clerk. Option 2: Purchase the SoftComm package, which will operate on the vendor’s hardware: Cost $250,000 for a five-year license, payable half up front and half during the first year of implemen- tation. The maintenance contract, at $75,000 a year, includes all currently identified modifications to the software for the first three years. The clerk’s hours will be cut by half, for a saving of $25,000 a year. In both cases, sales are expected to increase from the current $1 million a year, by 10% per year each year (over each year’s previous year’s sales) after full implementation. Assume a five-year life for the software.

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