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*T:1. ( MOR 2 Question 2 Not yet answered Marked out of 2.00 P Flag question Cash receipts are and update customer file is Select one: a. Non-Financial information and financial information b. Non-Financial information and non-financial information c. Financial information and financial information d. Financial information and non-financial information Previous page Next page Ch6-Database management

(Ref. Ch. 3 Exercise on p. 52, Oakshott's book) A firm wishes to provide a sinking fund in order to replace equipment that has a life span of 10 years. If the cost of the equipment will be £1m in 10 years' time, what annual amount does it need to put aside in an account paying 7% p.a.? Reminder: Depending on the precision you use for your computation, there could be a small difference in the last digit or two Note 1m = 1 million Select one: a. 50,217 O b. 63, 357 C. 70,025 d. 72,378 e. 59,812 (Ref. Ch. 3 Exercise on p. 52, Oakshott's book) You decide to take out a 20-year mortgage for £65 000 at an annual interest rate of 7.5%. What would be the annual repayment? Select one a. 7271 b. 83225 C. 5806 d. 6854 e. 6376 (Ref. Ch. 14 Exercise on p. 393, Oakshott's book) Example 17.1: We want to formulate the problem below for linear programming A manufacturer produces two products, P and Q, which when sold earn contributions of £600 and £400 per unit respectively. The manufacture of each product requires time on a lathe and a polishing machine. Each unit of P requires 2 hours on the lathe and 1 hour on the polishing machine, while Q requires 1 hour on each machine. Each day, 10 hours are available on the lathe and 7 hours on the polishing machine. Determine the number of units of P and that should be produced per day to maximise contribution. Let C be the total contribution. Which one is the correct line for the objective function? Select one a. Max. C = 2P+Q b. Min. C = 2P+Q o - C. Max C = 600P + 4000 d. Min. C = 600P + 4000 e. Max. C = P +Q Refer to Example 17.1 above (ii) Choose the line for the constraint regarding the lathe Select one o a. P+Q S 10 b. 2P+Q57 c 2P+Qs 10 d. P+20 7 e. P+2Q 10

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