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Homework answers / question archive / Write 4 pages thesis on the topic langston hughes poems analysis

Write 4 pages thesis on the topic langston hughes poems analysis


Write 4 pages thesis on the topic langston hughes poems analysis. The poem unrolls just as simply as the solution, sounding as natural as if the words were spoken in conversation. if not for the line breaks, it would read like prose.

Later, he wrote the darker and angrier poem, "The Same," which also discusses the plight of people of color, but now the scope is larger and the hope for peaceful transition is fainter. The offense is no longer so petty as being made to sit in the kitchen when company comes. Instead, he points out that to be black anywhere in the world is to be "Exploited, beaten, and robbed, Shot and killed" (Lauter 1615) and it is no longer a matter of not being seen clearly. Now he understands that the cycle of violence is not simply a misunderstand, but part of a vast economic system that represses minorities "For the wealth of the exploiters-" (Lauter 1615).

This poem uses repetition and lists to make its point about exploitation. He repeats the place names where people are being oppressed by different industries, and he repeats the lists of currencies for which they are oppressed. The word that is repeated most often in this poem is "blood," which sets the tone. The image is that of blood being stolen from the poor. It currently runs into the coffers of the rich, but he suggests that it should more appropriately run into "the deep channels of Revolution" (Lauter 1615) and the poem becomes a call to revolution. The voice tells "the Red Armies of the International Proletariat Their faces, black, white, olive, yellow brown, Unite" (Lauter 1616) showing a shift in tone from earlier work.

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