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Job success - 7 tips to become successful at work
  • May 2021
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Job success - 7 tips to become successful at work

19th May 2021

When you start working in a new place, you need to take care of how to get comfortable in the team, meet the expectations of the boss and learn additional skills, the need for which inevitably arises in the face of new professional tasks.

Even if you are lucky enough to get the opportunity to gradually "work in", do not relax - believe me, now is not the time to rest. Instead, you need to figure out how your appearance will affect the whole staff members, how exactly you need to prove that you are an expert in your field, and how to gain the respect of those who may be skeptical of you.


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1. Don't be afraid to ask 

Feel free to ask for advice or help ... but don't overact. Of course, you cannot know absolutely everything - where the equipment you need is located, how to complete a particular task, or how you can get access to the necessary resources. However, if you repeatedly ask questions about your professional responsibilities, you may get the impression that you are quite helpless in your own area of ??work.

Ask instead: "How exactly do you do this and that?" By doing so, you show your competence and, at the same time, a desire to make sure everything is correct and that you meet expectations. 

2. Offer 

Think about what is expected of you and take the initiative. It is important to show that you are someone active and purposeful. Make sure you understand what the bosses are prioritizing and manage your work in a way that matches that. It is highly important to pay attention to this aspect. 

3. Create an image 

Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression. How you behave in your new job in the early days makes a lasting impression on those around you, which ultimately affects whether you succeed or, on the contrary, lose.

It does not take long for coworkers, customers, visitors, and salespeople to form a personal opinion of you as an employee. Think about the look you would like to create, and then buy a dress, act and behave accordingly from the very beginning. It doesn't cost much but will come in handy later. 

4. Speak 

Understand the essence of the work process. Undoubtedly, you will be attending various meetings and gatherings. This is why you need to be careful and, if necessary, try to contribute to the group discussions. It is also important to take notes on how teamwork is conducted.

Think about which employee is trying to attract the attention of others? Who deserves respect? Think not only about the relationships that exist in a particular organizational structure but also about the non-verbal interactions, eye contact, a sign language that takes place in a team. Once you understand exactly how the team of professionals functions, you can easily adapt to it. 

5. Respect your employees 

If you are in control of others, do not confuse authority with leadership or obedience with respect. You gain a certain amount of authority solely by virtue of your status in the corporate organizational structure. But in order to get the most out of the people you manage, this is by no means enough. You must earn the respect of your employees by demonstrating that you are responsive to your team's interests, and are willing to defend them before demanding anything from your colleagues. 

6. Don't compare with the past 

Remember that your new job has nothing to do with your old one. In your previous job, you most likely built up a certain reserve of trust for yourself over time, as well as built friendships with those around you. No matter how competent and certified you are, no matter how successful your work ethic is, you are starting a new life.

Your old reputation isn't on your heels. Regardless of your role, you need to prepare yourself to be a beginner for a while. Maybe even a cheap one, be ready for work with a vision for the future. 

7. Keep promises 

In the interview, you talk about your best ideas, prospects, and the value that the company will bring and everyone expects you to act. Remember who exactly was the one to hire you and what questions they asked you. Most likely, during the interview process, you crossed paths with several people occupying different positions within the company.

For example, you might have met the heads of finance, sales, operations, and other departments. Most likely, they did not participate in the interview process, unless your new position was in some way related to their work. 


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