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How To Start An Education Podcast
  • Apr 2021
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How To Start An Education Podcast

2nd April 2021

If you are passionate about education and sharing your knowledge on a subject, podcasting is an excellent way to reach a larger audience of students. It is extremely easy to set up, and there are already millions of podcast listeners waiting for your high-quality educational content. 

What Are Podcasts?

Podcasts are audio files that are shared over the internet through RSS feeds. Listeners can access them on a variety of devices that have internet connectivity. Although they have been around for quite some time, they are currently gaining popularity among internet users around the world. SoundCloud and Spotify are two of the most commonly used platforms for podcast listening. 

Why Start An Educational Podcast?

Although podcasting can be very lucrative, it takes some time before you have enough subscribers to generate substantial ad revenue. Of course, there are ways to boost your account. For example, you could buy SoundCloud plays and give your podcast a leg up from the start.

Passion is an important factor to consider before embarking on your podcasting journey. Podcasters that are recording solely for-profits are almost bound to fail, especially if they do not have the financial stability to be patient at the onset of their podcasting career. 

Remember that although podcasting is shared in the digital world, people are listening in real-time. Even if listeners choose to speed up podcasts (which is common), they still need to spend a significant amount of time on your channel for you to make an impression on them. Choose a subject that you are passionate about, and you will both enjoy podcasting and reap more benefits from it. 

Equipment Needed

You already know that you need a microphone, but that might be the limit of your knowledge of podcasting equipment. Although some websites online allow you to record directly from your smartphone, your audio quality will undeniably be poorer. Especially for longer podcasts, high-quality audio is a must. This is an essential list of equipment required to record (and edit) a podcast.

  • High-quality microphone, preferably with background noise reduction. You may need two if you intend on hosting guests.

  • Computer to record your audio (or any other digital recording device)

  • Headphones to listen to your podcast for editing purposes, or listen to your guests.

  • Optional: A mixer for connecting both microphones, adjusting volume levels, or live events 

Software Needed

Most podcasts are edited before they are uploaded, even if just to clean up the background noise. The amount and level of editing are entirely up to you, but podcast editing software is a requirement should you choose to edit. There are several (paid) professional editing software available online, such as Adobe Audition. 

You may choose to search online for free software, but keep in mind that it cannot give you the same result as paid software. 

Tips On Starting A Podcast

  • Because your theme is educational, you may need to prepare your script. This should be similar to preparing a lesson. 

  • Although the audio quality is very important, the quality of the content you are providing is essential to your success. Always strive to create the best quality content you can, so your listeners keep coming back for more. 

  • Record in a quiet environment, with the least amount of background noise possible. Listeners will not appreciate construction work drowning out your voice.

  • Always perform equipment checks before recording, especially if you do not plan on editing your podcast heavily.

  • Try to find sponsors for your podcast as soon as you see some growth. This will

  • Advertise your podcast on other social media networks to attract more listeners.



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