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How to promote your videos on TikTok
  • Aug 2022
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How to promote your videos on TikTok

9th August 2022

To this day, many people think that TikTok is a social network for schoolchildren in which it makes no sense to develop professional brands and bloggers who are aimed at an older audience. This is a big misconception because now there are users of any age on this platform who view or even post content.

It is more likely that you will succeed in making an entertainment channel successful here, because most people come here to relax and laugh. However, educational or informative content is often gaining popularity. Today we will talk about how you can get recommended on this platform.

Rapid audience recruitment

In order to quickly start getting into recommendations and gaining a lot of views due to this, you need to have a large audience that will watch your content immediately after publication. It is very difficult for beginners to get into trends from scratch now because more and more creators appear every day.

If you turn to a service like Viplikes, you can get a big audience boost in a few hours. This professional company has been on the market for a long time and is famous for a large number of positive reviews from happy customers. There you can buy TikTok followers for a small price and help your content to promote.

Trending content

Most of the creators of the platform achieve success by creating trending videos with popular music. That is why in the social network you can find thousands of units of similar content that is gaining a large number of views.

Nobody forbids you to do something unique and create your own content without the help of other authors who set trends. However, it is very difficult to succeed now if you are not part of the community and don't do common thing with other authors.

Such content can include any popular challenges or music videos that you see daily in the feed from different authors. This can be published interleaved with unique content and then you will achieve the necessary balance.

Leave links on other social networks

Now there are practically no creators who have an account in only one social network. This is unprofitable in terms of gaining popularity and monetizing your work. If you want people who follow you, for example, on Instagram, to come to you, then leave a link to your channel in your bio there and sometimes remind you of this in stories.

However, be prepared for the possibility that it will be a different age group of people because they are different on different platforms. Also, this audience may have different ideas about quality and interesting content, so always keep an eye on the statistics and find out what new viewers like and what not. Unfortunately TikTok is limited to only one format and you can't publish a text post or story there, but you can ask your viewers questions in the video and ask them to write their opinion in the comments.


TikTok has long been a platform not only for teenagers, but for the whole society. Now you can publish content of any subject there and succeed if you put a lot of effort into it.



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