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Advantages of Auto Remote Proctoring
  • Nov 2020
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Advantages of Auto Remote Proctoring

20th November 2020

Advantages of Auto remote Proctoring for credibile results

The pandemic period has led us to online classrooms and conducting internal exams online to keep the rules and regulations active for the health care of the society. These are the times when students are sitting back at home and attending their classes through various video conferencing applications even if it is asymptomatic. No matter what the situation will be in the coming years these online exams have led to lots of health care issues for people.

Also, it has given students a reason to cheat in their online tests which have lowered the standards of measurement for colleges and universities. A similar case is with the online recruitment tests by which the companies are losing credibility in their procedure. To solve this problem, Auto Proctoring has been introduced to remove all the conventional methods of deriving out the results of online exams be it of colleges or for the recruitment purpose.

For most of the institutions, this system might be new but it has taken over the conventional method in various institutions in the past 3-4 months. The remote Proctoring can be classified into three categories that are live online Proctoring, recorded Proctoring and automated advanced Proctoring. Automated advanced Proctoring is famous these days as it is an AI-enabled system which will reduce the chances of mistakes by more than 90% in the evaluation process. It does not require any human resource to work along in the procedure. That is why it has become the top-notch choice for the officials to improve their standards as well as to reduce any kind of frauds happening while the testing process is going on.

The features of this system are filled with benefits that will make sure the future process is going to change from the conventional methods to a modern one.

  1. Promotion of digital learning:

Even our policies have decided to opt for digital learning platforms in the coming years rather than being stuck on conventional methods. Digital learning might have some loopholes that include cheating and no proper procedure for invigilation of the online mode exams. There are some cases which have been poured out in recent examinations which immediately defined the need to change the standard procedure to evaluate the exam.

Automated proctoring gives us the advantage to work on the other aspects of exams rather than checking on the activities of students while they are giving the tests. It also provides the online report for the candidate as well as the offline proctors.

  1. Seamless procedures:

Offline mode of examinations can be a tiresome process followed by a long time checking of those answer sheets which can take about a year to produce the results. Now, it is not the same. With the auto proctoring process, teachers and institutions do not have to spend their time in this heavyweight procedure to produce one time results which might not be as important to every student. There is no logic in spending so many days in evaluating the same kind of exam sheets. It can affect the performance of teachers as well because of not focusing on their lectures in the first place.

  1. Cost-effective:

It does not involve giving extra fees to teachers for the invigilating process. It just works over an AI system which needs to be invested at one time. And then the present employees can work over this system which also saves time and energy. It assures the credibility of the entire procedure by keeping the system secure and safe from any fraudulent practices which are common among all the offline mode exams. There is something in offline mode which makes teachers or senior employees lousy in the whole cycle. However, it is important to keep a backup system as well to look upon the procedure manually for least mistakes. Auto proctoring is great for the coming sessions as it will upturn the entire education panel.

  1. Secure browser:

The main drawback of online mode tests was that the students were able to check the answers through web search within the prescribed time of the test. However, there is a loophole in timings as well but since we are talking about opening the new tab while the test is going on, it does not justify the results as it contains lots of plagiarism in the content as well. Teachers feel cheated when all their questions are being searched on google in a few seconds. The loophole can be corrected by introducing proctoring systems in the sessions. They have a secure browser which does not allow people to even move away from the screens as it is studded with a webcam that will be watching all the activities of the students.

  1. Anytime, anywhere:

Through this system, one can give exams anytime and anywhere because of the accessibility of the tests provided from the other hand. Auto proctoring can also be combined with live online proctoring so that people can give exams and the proctors can take a look at the activities of the students. This system can also be used while giving recruitment tests for upcoming jobs. It can happen through the scheduled date and time which is not going to be waiting for any student to come late. Those people who cannot come to the premises to give online tests, they can provide proper replies to their tests while sitting back at home.

It is designed to maintain the academic integrity and authenticity of the exam schedules which are essential for the performance of the students in the last term. There are three types of online auto proctoring that are image proctoring, audio proctoring, video proctoring. It has a higher level of scalability than conventional methods. The candidate is asked to fill all their details correctly so that they can start the test at the right time. It can watch over 5-10 candidates with high internet speed. Hence, it will avoid all kinds of cheatings by following the standard procedure of conducting online exams.



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